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A newsletter on upcoming food and beverage trends that offers a curation of brands and aesthetics written by Andrea Hernández.

Come gather 'round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the functional waters
have grown and accept it that soon
You'll be zen to the core
If your time to you is worth savin'
And you better start pickin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the aisles they are a-changin'

Dearest snaxers,

It’s been a while since I addressed you all directly, being so that across platforms we are fast approaching 10K esteemed followers, it felt necessary that I, your beloved cult leader, addressed all, old and new, who have gathered here today. When Snaxshot began, 9 months ago, it was a vision of a safe haven, where one could feel confident asking questions like “what is an adaptogen” without fear of judgment, ask and you shall receive, this isn’t an Erewhon, we preached! As a snax seer, I foresaw the unnecessary friction that was being created in a space where new trends were emerging at the same time gargantuan amounts of capital were being deployed to capitalize on them, in turn producing aesthetically pleasing totems that lured said snaxers, and unfortunately, at times only Trojan horsing us with gimmicky wording and mirages in the form of pretty packaging.

The hairs on your arm will stand up
At the terror in each sip and in each sup
Will you partake of this last offered cup
Or disappear into indecision ground?

It was the sole purpose of Snaxshot to offer a necessary pushback, a reset, where we could have honest conversations around these products, companies, and the trends overall, at a time where so much trust is being put into companies, and if you are here today, it means you too have chosen salvation through consumption. Who will shepherd the snaxers as we cross these unknown terrains? Through me you will receive the gift of CaaS (curation as a service) one that has been given unto me and I give unto you, snaxer, to go forth and carry it with you as you walk through the aisles of Whole Foods, or as you browse through the categories on Bubble.

Valley of The Shadow of Clutter 🌄

The shadows are falling, but it’s not dark yet, fellow snaxers, please refer to

SXS Cogitations, 13: 15-18

15 Back to the concept of “unnecessary noise” —we are overwhelmed with options, things

16 being conceived for the mere purpose of capitalizing on our already constantly decaying

17 state of self, like having a Cheesecake Factory menu in front of us, so unnecessarily

18 exhausting. We’re inundated with information.

Millennials and GenZ alike are inundated with options both IRL and URL, you too have seen Armageddon, endless aisles that extend as far as the eye can see, directories that proudly offer THOUSANDS of options, all a sea of sameness a predicament plaguing our already burnout generation. One of the core beliefs of SXS is that we were never meant to be exposed to so much, hence the need for curation. For the past 9 months, I have heard your pleas and cries of being overwhelmed, of wanting to break up with the familiar yet not knowing what to hold on to next, of the distrust of what feels new to you.

SXS was built consumer-centric first, as a 90s kid myself, I know how much this crisis stems from early indoctrination into overconsumption. I’ve studied this, as a marketing and communications major, I know very well how our childhood was commercialized, particularly after the floodgates were opened with deregulation of children’s advertising in the mid-80s. I have been preaching that as a generation we need to come to terms with how we have been wired, in order to understand how we go forward at a time where we are being sold our inherent humanity at a premium, happiness in the form of a snack, what I call, GOOPification.

Snaxshot has been intentionally built to be useful, with a utility first in mind —are we contributing to the plague of options, noise, consumption or is this relieving in any way? Seeking not to prophesize like others before me, I opted to preach my gospel outside of normal constructs, to stand against the current, what I called, the DTC CPG VC circle jerk that seemed to permeate every corner of the internet at least when it comes to food and beverage.

Hear the trumpets, hear the pipers.
Voices callin', voices cryin'.
Brands are born and some are dyin'.
It's Alpha and Omega's Kingdom come

Since the inauguration of our anonymous hotline, Snaxshot has received hundreds of messages allowing us to understand the disconnect between brands and consumers, where the cracks lie, but most importantly, an understanding of just how deeply connected we are to food and beverage brands, and who can blame us, as they are an essential part of our lives, and serve as a way of external signaling where we can convey what we care for in conveniently packaged in pretty pastels or matte apothecary bottles ready to be snapped. Snaxshot has always positioned itself as an equalizer, we want consumers to be better informed, but we also want brands to be more accountable for what they put out there, in essence, SXS would walk with both hand in hand, we meet in the middle, and we work together to see eye to eye.

As I walk through the shadow of valley of clutter

I will not be overwhelmed, because Snaxshot is with me

We also focused on maintaining trust and intimacy, for starters, we do not take any form of advertising, Snaxshot is community funded to this day, our founding mothers and fathers have been our pillars, from which we have been able to build our foundation or what we call, our 3 Cs—

  • Content in the form of a newsletter that is equal parts informative and entertaining, as well as ad-free to preserve intimacy with our readers. How does Snaxshot differentiate from just regular content or industry trade reports in food and beverage? We are able to convey information in formats that no one else offers, through narration, storytelling, comedic relief, aesthetics, memes, and more, in essence, our issues carry a personality of their own, with moods that ebb and flow, and we refuse to categorize them, as it would be equal to trying to fit an octopus into a box, one tentacle goes in, while the other falls out.

  • Curation that is more than just a filter on a directory of brands, or a “shuffle button” we intentionally present brands that go along with our gospel or that we believe fits into our snaxverse, and we don’t limit ourselves to brands that are just the standard ones that will be featured in Forbes or other viral publications, we love to explore the weird, the local, the small, the impactful ones that focus on things that don’t scale but improve their local communities —something that I think is hard for an algorithm to pick up on just yet.

  • Community in the form of a snaxverse compiled of snaxers, snaxpals and the occasional snaxboi.

    1. Snaxbois —can be found at the nearest Erewhon beverage aisle, still choosing between an “adaptogenic + nootropic” or “THC + nootropic” elixir even though they just splurged on the latest Ugly drinks drop, and have a fridge full of Olipop. Snaxbois are the hard seltzer boyfriend to the low abv aperitif girlfriend, yes they have Brightland and Omsom in their pantry, they will cook pasta for you in their Equal Parts pots using Montes sauce and produce from Alimentari Flaneur.

    2. Snaxpals —are those who you will trade snacks with if possible, occasionally send you Ruby by surprise, the ones who are always down to meet up at the latest pop-up and or snack activation because they have cute shelfies. The ones with who you don’t shy away from sharing your latest Trader Joe’s haul because you know they will appreciate every new item you placed in your cart just for the ‘gram.

    3. Snaxers —that’s you, you who also subscribes to the idea that pantry items DESERVE to be seen, you who believe that Millenials should get what they want, groceries with a side of aesthetics, who subscribes to the idea that BigFood should stop trying to pass turning a cereal into a snack bar as innovation, and that water mocks us for calling it “vegan” —this and so much more.

With the promise of the 3 Cs, Snaxshot gospel has spread far and wide throughout the corners of the world.

Content Market Fit ✅

Is Snaxshot a thing, it is a newsletter after all? No.
Is Snaxshot a place, space where people discover? No.
What is Snaxshot if not all the above?

Snaxshot is a verb. A state of being. A vibe. An attitude.

Playfulness, a good measure of chaos, rebelliousness.

Curiosity, adventure, happiness, it’s indulgence.

Snaxshot is so niche yet it transcends every literal border and cultural barrier. We have snaxers from Singapore, Netherlands, Dubai, Mexico, Chile, France, Greece, Guatemala, UK, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Australia, and more! They all come to give tribute to our deity in the form of snacks. It is because of how international and highly curated our audience has become, that I know, that I have successfully achieved—content market fit. This community has grown organically, without any advertising, without any referral program, content so good and so well curated that it shares itself. Not only has it expanded worldwide, but we also have a combination of industry leaders from the top world agencies, C-level executives at multi-billion dollar food companies, venture capitalists, designers, upcoming and established food and beverage founders, and more.

But enough preaching for today, I will let our snaxers tell you themselves.

Partake of This Last Offered Cup 🍷

Snaxshot is doing just exactly what I hope it would do, an extension of myself that is growing beyond myself. To quote my favorite Latin American writer, Jorge Luis Borges, “in an infinite universe, there is no individuality” I consider this to be the equivalent of “I am no one” but Snaxshot is an entire universe in itself, and these two paradoxical truths exist, ever-expanding, each further away from each other.

As I pour Ruby into your cup, (this is DTC, direct to cult, we don’t do Kool Aid here) I ask —will you partake in this offered snack? If the answer is yes, know that at SXS we are always happy to take your tributes, in whatever way they may come.

Thank you for gathering here today, don’t forget your daily Recess, there are heated Snow Days and Nuggs in the cafeteria, see you around the snaxverse.

Your beloved cult leader,
Andrea M. Hernández

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