Snaxshot #34: Prejuvination Drinks

beauty is in the gut of the drink holder

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  • Vital Proteins sparked the collagen craze

  • Beauty drinks are a more affordable Botox

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Collagen Craze Continues 📈

IMO, we owe a lot of what we end up seeing on shelves to wellness influencers on Instagram —one moment you are scrolling through your feed, consumed by their perfectly decorated açai bowls, the next thing you know you spot açai smoothies in the freezer aisle, conveniently ready-to-blend. There is no better example of this behavior than the success of Vital Proteins —by now, you’ve probably heard of or seen its bottles on social media, what is a cup of coffee without collagen peptides anyway?

Wait, what the fuck are collagen peptides again? Collagen peptides are very small pieces of protein from animal collagen, it’s one of the materials that makes up cartilage, bone, and skin. They are made by breaking down whole collagen proteins into smaller pieces. When taken by mouth, it seems to build up in the skin and cartilage. According to science, the older we get the more collagen we lose, in fact, by the time we are 20, a person produces about 1% less collagen in the skin each year. Millennials are aging, the oldest are in their 40s now, middle aged, and in typical fashion, we have seen an explosion of trendy, aesthetically pleasing wellness products because, by God, yes we need fiber, but we also need something cooler than Metamucil, hence the rise of the prebiotic seltzers.

—Global collagen market was estimated to be $8 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 9.0% until 2028.

—According to Gelita, leading collagen protein manufacturer, what was once restricted to dietary supplements or powders, collagen is now one of the fastest growing ingredients in the functional food space with countless applications: from protein bars, RTD and yogurts.

—Previously concentrated on powders and supplements, extending the reach of collagen into new RTD (ready to drink) and RTE (ready to eat) formats is important next step in making it mainstream

—Main sources of collagen

  • Bovine

  • Porcine

  • Poultry

  • Marine

—Vegan collagen is actually just plant based ingredients that promote our own bodies ability to create collagen. Though there are companies that are trying to produce collagen from cells, instead of from animal bones.

—According to Google Trends, popularity of the term “collagen” has spiked in the past decade:

For fun I compared the term “aging” vs. “collagen” and this all makes a lot more sense:


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Engineering Wellness 👨🏻‍🔬

Vital Proteins led the collagen craze almost a decade ago, a NASA engineer turned wellness entrepreneur, the company is now leader in the category and has inspired an army of competitors, which has led this segment boom in the past 5 years. The company has done so extraordinary well in less than a decade that Nestlé Health Science took a stake in the company last year.

Vital Proteins knows that in order to get more folks to try their products, convenience is key, they launched an RTD collagen drink back in 2019, IMO the first of its kind that would quickly spark others to capitalize on trends colliding:

We are a generation that takes 100 million selfies a year, it’s the reason why your social feed can find itself plagued with dermatologists, filler clinics and pumped limps (remember duck face?) —as an Aries myself, I’m very in pro of allowing oneself to indulge in necessary narcissism, if Van Goh could do it with oil paints, why not us? We are aging alongside the maturing of social networks that have taught us to signal, wether its our faces, our designer wear or a $6 adaptogenic seltzer —beauty drinks are quickly becoming a more affordable solution for us modern YUPPIES. Depending on the area, Botox typically ranges from $250 to $600 per area, while fillers can range in price from typically $600 to $1,250 —but a drink that promises rejuvenation and anti aging, that will only set you back an average of $4.

Fuck the fountain of youth, I’ll take a case of it.

Sipping Skin Shots 🧖

Can you believe that in 2021 we now have drinks that tell us we are technically ugly since beauty can only be ingested in the form of an RTD. Walk through the beverage aisle at the Venice Erewhon and you’ll see what I’m talking about —pink hued cans that say “beauty” —in a way that I can only imagine sounds similar to Zoolander whispering moisture to me and selling me on being “really, really, ridiculously good looking” if only to appease my non existential instagram following and garner an average of 40 likes per selfie.

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Here’s some revitalizing, rejuvenating drinks to keep you from aging like a crypt keeper in the span of time it takes you to read this entire issue:

EVEXIA KAFE: You were already putting collagen into your coffee so why not offer the convenience of it already in RTD format? Spotter their skin revitalizing “elixir” while in LA this summer and what drew me where the dancing skeletons, such a perfect juxtaposition.

SkinTē: The first ever, collagen sparkling tea, what drew me about this brand is that it somehow gives off spa/clinic vibes with its look and it really sells me on the idea of it being like a mini Botox trip.

gâc: Love that this brand includes NOTHING but two ingredients and the word “beauty” —the ugly duckling in me is very motivated to see me bloom into a glowing swan by the time I’m done with that can.

GLDN Hour: This to me presents the quintessential millennial drink, the pastels, the 70s cozy font, this brand gives you “confidence & convenience” packaged in one.

Skinade: This shot promises “Better skin from within” and to my point that these are the more affordable Botox and fillers, the minimal, white, sterile aesthetics give off that vibe 100%.

Dune: Featured here before on “What’s New” this brand made me giggle by saying “chill is the vibration” —still trying to decipher what that means, but yeah apparently we can glow from the inside out with their drinks.

Beauty Dose: Speaking of vegan collagen, recently launched in powder format to add to drinks, food, etc.

Ritual: Another powder concept with very holistic aesthetics.

Oracular Spectacular 👁️

Shhhhh! My favorite show is on — “What’s New, You Ask?”

Ambijus: A non-alcoholic beverage lineup inspired by the Nordics and wow are these bottles absolutely beautiful.

Talkhouse Encore: Canned cocktail craze continues but we are here for these unique looking cans that resemble a record playing somehow, cool is that?

Local: Hard kombucha and hard tea are having a moment, from US to UK to all the way in Australia.

Muri: In line with low abv and non alcoholic movement as well as the rise in wine proxies, Muri caught my attention with their beautiful champagne alternative called “passing clouds”

Gist: The prebiotic seltzer craze is strong, here for these watercolor-delic aesthetics.

Glow Glow: Simple yet captivating wine from Germany.

Nibbl: DTC or should I say, direct-to-cheese is having a moment, first in Australia and now Canada, does the US have a similar example to this? LMK.

SMPL: Functional snack brand that was previously an energy ball brand.

Stop 🛑

  • Listen to Ruby’s latest MoM radio playlist, featuring artist Loose Buttons.

  • Read this piece by Gula, on psychedelic mushrooms and their history in Mexican pre-hispanic culture, originally in Spanish but recommend you translate. This excerpt alone should entice you:

    “It might be the mouth, the place where God, food and drugs coincide in our bodies, a sensual G spot for spirituality. Communion, an oyster and an acid tablet all land on the tongue”

Drop 🔥

  • Our friend’s at Taika just dropped their latest flavor, and you can try it with 15% off with code SNAXTAIKA

    *disclaimer I DO NOT make any profit from this, I just literally wanna make it easier for you to try new things*

Cop 🛒

  • Absolutely, positively FLOORED by the beauty of Steak Diane and her newly launched merch, and just in time for hosting season, I NEED ALL OF IT, but this serviette shirt, SPEECHLESS.

  • Aura Bora dropped some new merch and I’m very much into the “weird water” tee.

Spoonful of News 🥄

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