Snaxshot #33: Snax-a-palooza 🎡

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SNAX: A Universal Language 💖

This week I learned that they read Snaxshot in Israel, Dubai and China, how cool is that? Our gospel has spread far throughout the world, we’re even read as far as Jakarta, Indonesia —how wonderful to create something that feels so universal, that can cross literal borders and language boundaries. SXS has always had a global focus, as I am of the firm belief that this renaissance in food and beverage is happening all around simultaneously, not just in the usual “hubs.” What better way to honor this universality, with an issue filled with goodies from all around the world?

Putting these issues together every week feels like writing to a pen pal, this white space serves as a canvas to lay out in words, images and sometimes incoherent ramblings, my deep appreciation for you, being the reader. Correspondence is such a lost art, we may as well try to recreate that feeling, that warmth that emanates when you get a letter from someone you care about, I hope these feel like that to you. Recently came across this beautiful poem on “dialects of the heart” and it made me realize that we have created our own sort of dialect, one that consists of a new vocabulary composed by Recess, Olipop, Noodie, that can express only what a snaxboi understands

my love for you is one hundred chilled Ruby.

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Snaxshot is ad-free as we are community funded, if you enjoy our content, contribute here. 🤗





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  • Been a huge fan of Wear Your Snacks, even commissioned snaxboi bracelets back in the day. Check out this spaghetti western tee.

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