Snaxshot #32: Edible Cogitations

got time for a mind game? 🎲

A newsletter on upcoming food and beverage trends that offers a curation of brands and aesthetics written by Andrea Hernández.

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🧠 Peek into my brain:

  • So you think you’re a snaxboi? Prove it

  • Mosh is the first “brain brand” snack

  • First edition of “Stop, Drop and Cop”

  • Oracular Spectacular

  • Spoonful of News

So You Think You Can Snax? 🕹️

My brain broke right around the time I discovered veggie ice cream, which IMO should be added to the crimes of our generation alongside blanding of Dunkaroos but I digress, we are 3 months away from ending 2021, and we are desperately in need of some measured chaos, and for that I offer a peek into my brain.

But first, let’s play a game.

Breakthrough Brain Brands 🤯

Stop 🛑

Take a moment and transport yourself to an alternate state of mind.

Imagine cool breeze, the heat of the sun, heartbeat slows down, deep breathes.

Drop 🔥

Cop 🛒

Oracular Spectacular 👁️

Shhhhhhhhhh! My favorite show is on, “What’s New, You Ask?”

Dirty Water: These 60, lava lamp psychedelic type aesthetics are making the rounds in CPG, this reminds me a lot of Real.

Husk: TIL Scotty Pippen has a plant based popcorn brand.

Betty Buzz: What’s cringier than celebrity booze? Celebrity seltzers? You be the jugdge. CPG now stands for celebrity packaged good, you heard it here first.

Matay: The power of a good rebrand, is acting as a new launch, previously Brooklyn Mate.

Aculla: Trippy grappa from Aculla Distillery in Tijuana, Mexico.

Spoonful of News 🥄

Snax Concierge 🛎️

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