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  • Nutella lives long enough to see themselves the villain.

  • What’s driving the health nut demand?!

  • Why do we keep giving food imposter syndrome?

  • In the words of Nutorious BIG, “It’s All Gooey, Baby Baby”

  • Spoonful of News + Snaxshot takes New York City!

Spread Love It’s the Italian Way? 🇮🇹

I hope you read this to the tune of “Juicy”—at this point I’m sure you’re thinking “she finally snapped” but by all means continue reading if you want to learn about the history of Nutella, the artist formerly known as Supercrema Gianduja.

The setting? Post-war Italy

Who? Pietro Ferrero, yeah that Ferrero.

After the war and after a failed stunt in Africa trying to sell Italian biscuits (I mean, seriously?) Pietro came back to Italy and was experimenting how he could spread thin cocoa’s utility as it was expensive. Armed with hazelnuts because they are native to Italy (did not need to be imported) as well as some old recipe of gianduiotto that literally dated back to Napoleon’s reign in the 1800 when chocolate had also been scarce and expensive due to a blockage of the Mediterranean, Pietro did the first mixture that was 70% hazelnut and 30% chocolate. 

Pietro (probably still hung on the idea of selling biscuits) slabbed this spread in between two slices of bread and sold it at carnivals, the name Giandujot comes for a fictional character, the idea of selling the paste by itself came from seeing kids toss the bread after licking the filling, lol, classic and also makes me think this is why we loved Dunkaroos so much?! Optional carbs?! I digress, so after this AHA! moment, he partnered with his brother to scale up his operation, the Ferrero Company was born in 1946, but unfortunately Pietro died shortly, 3 years later.

Here’s where his son steps in and tries to make this spread, easier to work with, as in how do you make it creamier? This is where vegetable oil came to be part of this and also we have the name change from Giandujot, to Supercrema! Unfortunately, Pietro’s son ALSO died from a heart attack a decade later… which only raises suspicion of this spread IMO, and their descendants decided to convert former Nazi factories into candy ones, scaling the production even more!

In 1962, Italy passed a law banning names with superlatives (such as super-, ultra-, stra-) for consumer products. (LOL?!) So the Ferrero Company had to settle on a new name, they decided to do a pormanteau of English word “nut” and the Italian “ella” The first Nutella jar came out on April 20, 1964, and well, the rest is history. The secret ingredients to what have made Nutella a global success remain hidden, but I’m pretty sure it’s the fact that it is 56% sugar?! Let’s be real.

After we entered the “better-for-you” chasm in the mid 2010s, Nutella’s once beloved sweetness started to come under fire, remember when this was touted as a healthy breakfast food?! Without nothing that spreading Nutella on toast is a good way to go through 20g of sugar LMAO —in one sitting! Not to mention the use of palm oil that is now shunned upon because of how much it contributes to deforestation. We’ve seen the rise of "Nutella” alternatives, touting that they are better than the original, but, why are we building brands in 2021 that just keep trying to compare themselves to food devoid of nutritional value in the first place? Good question.

When Did We Become Health Nuts for Spreads? 🌰

—GenZ and Millennial major dip purchasers, dips and spreads category grew 3.4% in 2020 following a 2.3% gain in 2019.

—Global vegan spreads & dips market size projected to reach around $4 billion an estimated 8.3% CAGR by 2026.

—Global nut butter market = $7.8 billion in 2020, market is projected to register a CAGR of 9% until 2025.

—FYI, Hazelnut is good source source of protein, unsaturated fatty acids, and linoleic acid and contains a higher concentration of vitamin E than any other nut.

—Hazelnut spreads holds second largest market share, second only to almonds, however it is the FASTEST growing segment, this segment held the largest revenue share for nut spreads in 2020

—As of 2021, the global hazelnut spread market was valued at $834 million

—Largest and fastest growing market for hazelnut spreads is unsurprisingly, Europe.

—Hazelnut spread is estimated to grow at a CAGR rate of 10% until 2026

—Fun fact, in 2020, Nutella had five of its product ranked in the top 10 grocery items in France (apart from wine) outranking butter, black coffee, and toilet paper. (PRIORITIES?!)

—US is 4th largest hazelnut producer, looking to increase production. Oregon hazelnut producers (accounting for 99% of US production) went from 30,000 acres in 2012 to 85,000 almost a decade later (2019) almost 3x increase.

—In 2018, US produced a record of 50,000 TONS of hazelnut. (DAMN)

Can’t We Indulge, for Indulgence Sake? 👄

I’m here to tell you I can no longer stand for the food being given imposter syndrome because we are asking it to be “functional” apart from its INHERENT function of being food?! Walking down the aisles of a modern grocer and seeing things like “enhanced cookie dough” that’s filled with adaptogens so I can feel better about having a sweet treat? Can I be honest with you —why aren’t we building something that just allows us to indulge without having it give me a six pack or the promise of beauty (here’s looking at you collagen cookies)

Do you guys ever considered that maybe chocolate just wanted to be chocolate in the first place? And why must it be that we have to be building better versions of shitty 90s snacks in the first place? We get it, the trauma Millennials kids faced coming to the realization that Lunchables, Bagel Bites and Dunkaroos were filled with the most atrocious ingredients and not to mention, mostly after thoughts, for example how to sell extra bologna scraps? I know, let’s sell it to tiny humans! But I digress, I’m here for a brand that is just building with the intention of, yeah we can indulge, and it shouldn’t be something we have to feel remorseful for because we are being conscious of catering to what you’re looking for, less trying to go toe-to-toe with its BigFood counterpart. Finding ways to make ingredients complement each others palette naturally?

—Buzz on “better for you” as America’s largest generation millennials became the coveted target audience for wellness snack-speak. A boom in use of words like “organic” and “natural” reflect this shift.

— Did you know, though the term “organic” is often considered synonymous with “natural” and taken to connote “nutritious,” it applies to a method of farming, without any relation to nutritional value.

Imagine a world where food brands care less about touting that they are a “better alternative” to something crappy, and instead are taking into consideration the idea behinds snacks, a intimate indulging moment, a literal break, and building around that using the criteria of this modern consumer instead. Why does this matter you ask? Because when we are using a flawed measuring stick, that is comparing yourself to something that could quite literally be considered trash, what are you really saying? Think about that, can we remove the indoctrination to these types of passé snacks or will we be perpetually regurgitating nostalgia to sell people on the idea of a “new” product? Doesn’t that sound paradoxical? Literal food for thought.

Feeling All Gooey On The Inside 🥺

There’s a new spread on the shelf, literally launching today:

The setting? Post better-for-you chasm, 21st century.

Who? Gooey Snacks, part of the Starday Foods family.

Unapologetic about its flavors and actually inviting you to indulge like a sinner, even though its ingredients will have you thinking you’re a saint, Gooey feels like a refreshing take on the hazelnut spread craze. It’s fun, it’s a little chaotic, it feels… authentic but most important it feels accessible. So many of these newer brands play their aesthetics at times that feels alienating to an average consumer, hey man, I’m just here to snack, I don’t need this beautiful looking spread to judge me from afar for spoonfulling my way into an empty jar. Gooey feels like that friend who’s not here to tell you what to do, to spoon or not to spoon, that’s up to you, use your finger for all they care.

Gooey wants to focus on standing out as itself, drizzle, dunk it, smear it, its true to who they are without any palm oil and the inclusivity of being dairy free. And in true GenZ speak, as we’ve seen with a roster of new brads, the confidence in owning their space because they know they have a good product in hand, less basing itself on trying to be “something else”—letting hazelnut and chocolate be who they can be together, equal parts nourishing and indulgent, to the body and soul.

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Groovy: Hemp infused and beautiful retro jar, huge fan of this look.

Why Not: Colombia in the house, here for a crunchy versus the usual creamy take!

Seeing Things 👁️

Sour gummy worms NEVER looked so, GROSS?! So here for this very Creepy Crawlers aesthetic of upcoming brand Rotten, YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!

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