Snaxshot #26: Travel's Back on the Menu

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Elevated Snacking, Literally

Consider airports as these weird, paradoxical, theme park-like destinations, there’s something for everyone, whether you have a few hours to spare or rushing through, you can plop yourself for hours at a lounge, alternatively, try your luck finding love while working off your inbox at a bar, or indulge in pseudo-intellectualism at the magazine kiosk while browsing the latest print news.

Airports are also where c-store snacks get the Erewhon treatment, a Twilight zone where you have no choice but to splurge $10 for that Dasani water and equally as much for a bag of hot Cheetos. There is also the occasional minimalist kiosk that offers cake-flavored nutritional bars or chickpea puffs, that satisfy that perception of “healthy” but the truth is that overall, airport snacking is lacking. It’s why I’m looking forward and allowing myself to imagine what it could look like, for the betterment of us all. To get here we need to travel through a different verse, here’s your boarding pass will meet you there.

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Welcome to SXS Airlines, we will now begin boarding for our flight. Just as a reminder this flight is full of functional meals but micro-dosing is permitted in the form of a chocolate bar or a patch.

What’s in a Meal, 30,0000 Feet in the Air?

Welcome aboard, this is your captain speaking, we are ready for takeoff so please fasten your seatbelts, adjust your AirPods, and get ready for an elevated snack experience. Please direct your limited attention span to our safety video, where we pretend everything would work perfectly fine in case of an emergency and try to distract you from actually thinking about the real-life implications and the near impossibility of this having a happy ending if something goes wrong.

Please refer to our pamphlet in the back pocket of the seat in front of you for more on the history of in-flight snacks:

—First in-flight meal dates back to 1909, yes if you can believe it, on a Handley-Page flight from London to Paris

—In the early days, planes would stop for re-fuel and that allowed for passengers to eat meals at the hanger or in picnic tables, by 1930s the concept of in-flight kitchens became a thing, United Airlines was a pioneer, having introduced the first airline kitchen in 1936

—By the 1940s, frozen meals were being introduced, the 1950s saw the introduction of in-flight prepared meals via Pan Am but as airlines began to cramp more seats, there was a need to make serving food more efficient, by the 60s the first insulated trolley carts came to be

—By 1970s the French elevated the cuisine game by recruiting chef Raymond Oliver to help revamp their menu offerings. He suggested 3 staple items: beef bourguignon, coq au vin, and veal in a cream sauce. The reasoning? These dishes are all covered in sauce, which protects the meat from drying out at high altitudes.

—Today’s planes are pressurized to help us be able to breathe at such high altitudes, but that also numbs our taste buds, making food taste blander, cabin humidity is typically lower than 20 percent that also dries out our noses making it harder to smell (both inextricably linked)

—The Fraunhofer Institute in Germany has looked into this by simulating a pressurized cabin, and in a study concluded, salty and sweet tastes are significantly impaired in the air but bitter and umami tastes survive better. In conclusion? Spicier food the better.

—Global airline catering has now become massive business, the market is projected to grow to $24.3 billion by 2024 as demand for travel surges.

Now that we’ve reached an appropriate altitude, you may now go back to pretending you’re actually paying attention to your podcast and the book you purchased last minute because you sincerely thought it was a good idea to splurge on an airport kiosk thriller, but you were just not caffeinated enough.

We will now begin serving breakfast around the cabin, today we feature:

  1. JUST vegan omelet

  2. Chubby, with the option of peanut or almond butter.

  3. OverEasy breakfast snack bar

  4. Jibby, CBD cold brew

  5. Taika’s adaptogenic coffee

  6. Nod Foods oatmeal creamer

  7. Cometeer coffee

Food As In Flight-Aid

For all the times you forgot to drink that sleeping pill that was a lifeline when tormented with your traveling anxiety or during unexpected turbulence, fuck that, you deserved better. At SXS Airways we are here to give a classic a modern take, in case you didn’t know the first stewardess were actually nurses, for real, they were tasked with administering medicine to those who were flying with anxiety, nausea, etc. We told you our flight was filled with functional snacks, these serve the particular task to complement a more tranquil state, without having to literally numb yourself.

In the world of adaptogenic everything, our vision is that we may all fly calmer skies with food and beverage as aid.

  1. Recess Mood

  2. Candy Can (PRE-ORDER)


  4. BTR BAR

Cocktail Convenience

Now that TipTop Cocktails can be found on Delta flights, I’m sure many will ask you “Where were you during the can-demic of the early 20s?” — fortunately for you, you find yourself indulging in it. At SXS Airways, we carry an extensive line of canned cocktails that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but also come packing a punch, regardless of size. We also offer a selection of low abv and non-alcoholic beverages, we don’t do infantilizing options here, or worse, sugary mocktail alternatives.

Our cocktail menu is as follows:

  1. Ghia

  2. Slow & Low

  3. Usual Wines

  4. Golden Rule

  5. Cann

Shaping the Future of Airline Snacks

We call it curated convenience, our snack boxes are anything but conventional. From snack bars using lupini beans, to better for you sweets, cauliflower popcorn, or mushroom jerky, this isn’t your average snack. At SXS we know you are a more healthy conscious traveler, and we aspire to fulfill your great snax-pectations. Our current box offering features:

  1. DADA

  2. Lupii

  3. Pan’s

  4. Smart Sweets

As mentioned above, historically airplane food tends to taste so bland because your tastebuds are impaired at such high altitudes, so the possibilities for seasoning abound. Whether it’s sliced ketchup, CBD infused sesame oil, or adaptogenic spices, at SXS we offer convenient, and fun ways to spice up your meal.

  1. OCCO

  2. OMSOM

  3. Ramp Up

  4. 2FLY

As concluded above, it has been proven that flavors of umami and spicier palettes favor best when you find yourself at 30,000 feet above the clouds, and what perfect pairing than the brave new alternatives that have been booming in the past year?

We are proudly the first airline to partner with alternatives to bring you alternative dishes, indulge in our vegetarian Simulate parmigiana and for our first class, we offer Juicy Marble’s vegan filet mignon, accompanied by roasted potatoes. We don’t worry about shellfish allergies here, we proudly carry Prime Root’s alternative lobster ravioli, no emergency landings over shrimp on this plane.

Coming soon we will be able to offer our first-class alternative caviar as well as exotic zebra meat courtesy of Vow foods.

Minor Cogitations on Modern Mini Bars

Now that' you’ve arrived to your destination, how cool is your minibar? Just as we’ve reimagined in-flight snacking, we are also here for the minibar makeovers that are happening around the world. Hotel1 began offering curated minibar offerings through brand ambassador Hannah Bronfman last year, prior pandemic. Their choices include the likes of Recess, VINNA, and Joolies. We’ve taken the liberty to reimagine the minibar to include the likes of aesthetically pleasing beverages that are equal parts functional, refreshing, and trending.

  1. Ruby (unsweetened makes best mixer)

  2. Something and Nothing (spritz)

  3. Corsa hydration tonic

  4. HEAPS non-alcoholic beer

  5. HAUS aperitif

  6. NOAM bavarian beer

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