Snaxshot #14: Love At First Bite

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It Was Love, At First Bite 💋

Greetings from your favorite self-proclaimed narcissist, here to talk about that feeling of warmth that trickles all around your insides whenever you indulge in self-acceptance, or whenever your significant other(s) procures your favorite snacks —love.

Historically, Valentine’s Day has been about men and their martyrdom,(shocker) somehow also a pagan holiday and in Greek mythology, about the original fuckboi named Eros, so seductive and powerful he had to be infantilized to be controlled, giving us our modern-day, cherub looking, Cupid.

With that being said, who’s ready for the love tunnel? Hold on to your snacks, pucker up and enjoy the ride.

Sweetheart Origins 💕

The origin story of heart shaped candies, “sweethearts” is a romantic tale of capitalism on maximizing utility of candy by adding “conversation” to OG Necco wafers back in 1847 + were only heart shaped until 1902. By 2018, the company was producing about 100,000 pounds of Sweethearts every day from mid-February through January. It produces approximately 8 billion candy hearts each year.

When I think of Valentine’s Day candy it’s more of a scenario of breaking a heart shaped piñata as a way to release tension and less about the candy, however, such is not the case with everyone else. See:

US candy market is expected to reach a value of USD 19.6 billion by 2025, with biggest revenue coming from sales during holidays

—US consumers set a record of $27.4 billion in 2020 spent on Valentine’s Day holiday

In 2021, US consumers expected to spend $2 billion ($15.32 per person) on candy for Valentine’s Day

—As of 2019, $448 million was being spent on candy during the holiday season

—Candy sales dominated in 2020 accounting for 52% of purchases, with Valentine's Day being the most popular, overall candy market increased by 4%

Chocolate Pairings 🍫

More should be written about how chocolate + Valentine Day’s is actually the biggest love story of all. Curious to know how these two came together? It all stems back to Victorians who were, as I am, consumed the idea of courtly love and showered each other with elaborate cards (did glitter exist back in the day?) and gifts.

Along came Richard Cadbury, heir of a British chocolate manufacturing family who explored extracting pure cacao butter from whole cacao beans to create a better “drinking chocolate” and ended up with excess butter that he later turned into “eating chocolate” —heart shaped boxes were marketed as having utility post consumption and from there, the rest is history:

—U.S. chocolate market: driven by demand for premium varieties + sugar-free as well as dark chocolate products, expected to surpass the $30 billion mark this year

—Around 58 million pounds of chocolate are purchased in the seven days leading up to Feb. 14 as of 2020

According to research from Mars, 94% of consumers would prefer getting chocolate for Valentine's Day than receiving flowers.

—Men and women purchase chocolate for the holiday in nearly even numbers: 52% of chocolate purchases are made by women and 48% by men.

—Four companies make up 87.2% of U.S. chocolate market:

  • Hershey’s (43.8%),

  • Mars (30%)

  • Lindt/Ghiradelli/R.Stover (9.1%)

  • Nestle (4.3%).

—During 2020, premium chocolate saw largest growth with a sales spike of 13%, + non-premium chocolate saw a sales increase of 6%

—Hershey’s CEO said demand for s'mores ingredients spiked in areas with high COVID-19 rates, their sales rose 5.7% to $2.19 billion in the fourth quarter.

Choose Your Snaxbae 🏹

These are the perfect distraction from the fact that your actual persona is not nearly as internet as your online one. Find out who mine is here.

Loco Love: I call these the Ladurée of chocolates, look at that box, who wouldn’t be impressed? The gold foil is a good deflection from your lack of sense of humor IRL.

Cancelled Plans: Posing such profound question like, remember hugs is an easy way to avoid conversation around the lack of original shitposting you do.

Calma Floral: The pastels are a smooth way to get someone to actually give a shit about your ramblings in a vast sea of a week old, Superbowl memes.

For the foodie in your life who fucks with good aesthetics as well as quality ingredients. Find out who mine is here.

Brightland Co: The OG of sexy pantry items, the foodie in your life will appreciate this newly released pairing.

Montes: This is like New York street style bottled up, sauce it up bb.

Equal Parts: These are like a warm, friendly embrace of your food, plus they photograph good.

Alimentari Flaneur: The foodie in your life will appreciate a curated basket that includes OG goodies like Ruby, Send Olives and Alex Delaney roasted red.

Whether you two met in a “moan” room, or perhaps you ran into each other at a “shoot your shot” room —this is the perfect starter kit for an MLM scheme. Find out who mine is here.

Williamsburg Pizza: This Daddy pizza will go well on your first IRL date, that is if you can recognize each other’s voices.

Wanna Date: Shoot your shot by sliding into their mailboxes with this date spread.

For those who are always your first “Like, RT and share” —those who celebrate your accomplishments that range from a job promotion to just you hitting your step goals for the day, only the best for hype baes! Find out who mine is here.

Compartes: Only unique gifts for the qts in your life, this compartes heart shape box is a must.

Supermoon Bakehouse: Send the gift of literal food porn, your bae will appreciate it.

Fresh Sends: Very hip and Instagrammable flowers to reward your hype bae for their klout.

We’ve all got a chill cutie in our lives —they carry a perpetual good flow, good vibes and a twinkle in their eyes. Find out who mine is here.

SONHAB: Nothing says “relax” like adaptogenic bon bons.

Dad Grass: The best way to your chill cuties heart.

Hervé: THC infused macarons are why I fuck with the French.

Dada: These surreal chocolate bars are a must for your MAIN ONE.

Usual Wines: These chic little bottles of sparkling go well with your boo’s bubbly persona.

Love Pot: Your main one will thank you for both the cannabis and the flowers.

Spoonful of News 🥄

Supporting Small + Local 🤗

A non-sponsored space that will highlight small businesses to support + give back to community in 2021.

Balkan Bites is a NY based food business that specializes in Burek, a flaky, stuffed phyllo pie that is very popular in the Balkans, Middle East, and Western Asia. They’re a small company with a big mission to share and to preserve Balkan culture with authentic family recipes that have been passed down through generations.

They started their business selling baked burek at outdoor pop-ups + holiday markets. When Covid hit, they pivoted and created an online store selling frozen, ready-to-bake bureks + started shipping nationwide.

You can learn more about their story here + or check out this video.

Shop with Intention

Highlighting Revisionary’s Black History Month initiative: these Black-owned brands AvecPeak + ValleySunchaser, and Xula Herbs have committed to donating 10-20% of their sales this month to non-profits like Loveland Foundation and  Equal Justice Initiative.

SXS Job Board 💻

So many of you have reached out to ask for help after being laid off during pandemic. Highlighting some open positions to help any way SXS can, if you want to submit positions please email

See you again next week, a different future, same place.

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