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Resolutions You Can Keep 📝

Another year, another list of cliches you aspire to be. But wait—I urge you to reconsider writing on that first page of a never-to-be-seen-again 2021 agenda, unless you’re using metallic gel pens, that actually sounds fun.

Truth is—we will always have the urge to start again and again. Whether it’s after a hangover, a restless night due to copious caffeine intake, or running out of breath making your way to the door for your Seamless order —self-improvement has become a constant churn of trendy products.

And that is why I come to you today, to remind you — you’ve got resolutions? There’s a snack for that. Sit back friend, put the gel pens down and allow yourself to discover the solutions to your resolutions— one trendy snack at a time.

Want to keep it con-vegan-t, sorry guys, I’ve already trademarked this clever portmanteau in the time it took you to read this sentence. I digress, we are here to present you with a list of vegan snacks that will equally spare you time and a guilty conscious.

Daily Harvest: They’ve recently launched almond “mylk” tablets, all you need to do is add water, blend and you’ve made your own nut milk without the added fillers.

Undressed: Think of the concept of undressing an actual lettuce as you open up the wrapper of this “salad” in bar format.

Immi: This ramen is anything but basic and far from the concept you probably knew from your dorm days—good to the last slurp?

Pan’s: These guys have been featured before, but they recently had an even bigger rise to fame. They are mostly sold out everywhere, so think of it as finding an edible golden ticket.

Snacklins: Most recently went through a very cool re-brand, and consider it a good switch if you’re trying to reduce your meat intake while still getting a good crackling.

Actual Veggies: Two stones in one, these patties are so packed with veggies you’ll basically have abs by the end of the meal.

Loca: Who knew potatoes could do so much? These creamy “nacho” dips are an alternative to the nut-version and induce a drool.

Look it’s 2021 and the jitter look is officially passé. You can have your caffeine and actually enjoy it without having to worry about losing sleep over it.

Sunriser: This CBD coffee looks promising on aesthetics alone and who isn’t up for rising calmly with the sun?

LaDiDa: I cringe saying this name out loud but I really loved their look and their combo of a lavender oat latte. However, unsure if it will induce an equally happy tune.

120HR: Guys we’ve reached peak aperitif when we are out here doing non-alcoholic cafe aperitivos— does anyone know when would be the perfect time to consume this? The look is, however, apropos.

The Good Ritual: Included here solely for the looks as having coffee + L-theanine is no longer novel, but hey it looks promising!

Cometeer: Included here because this product actually made me feel futuristic and the frozen pod concept intrigued me. You can try it at your own peril.

Golden Ratio: If you’re down for the water downed coffee look this is most certainly the drink for you. It has the same amount of caffeine as coffee but it’s like a tea.

Mushup: The Canadians know a thing or two about making something sound and look cute and thus have included mushroom coffee as the good alternative that it is.

Earth & Star: —this one in RTD format.

A’menBuzz: Influencers were already adding Vital Proteins collagen to their coffee because that was a peak trend in 2018, so this company went ahead and just mixed it in for you.

Taika: The guys behind this drink want you to feel as equally cool as they are, would recommend the black coffee or oat milk options.

The 2020s are all about the speakeasy concepts sans the bootlegging of booze, like we’re literally inundated with it, we just want a better alternative to it.

Proposition: Look it’s the 20s all over again but this time non-booze is actually in. Proposition nails that whole retro aesthetic and their ginger mule looks like a very good time.

Aurora Elixir: Makes you feel like you’re about to conjure a spell and I’m not mad? Very obsessed with their colors and flavor options—they most recently launched a “hops”

Acid League: So excited they launched their vino-alternative, the bottles look amazing and seem like they would make a perfect addition to your bar cart or as housewarming gift for someone you actually like.

Peak: Social tonics and “elixirs” will continue to be the rage no matter the format, but I personally love that they used a Mexican artist to design their look.

Three Spirit: Huge fan of their Livener, it tastes really good and it does give you that up feeling, plus one for also including a non-alcoholic night cap option.

Aplós: Their bottle is absolutely stunning, this non-alcoholic drink is hemp-infused and based out of Cali.

Monceau: An Aussie brand but this newsletter is for the international crowd as well, and just look at that bottle!

Avec: Very excited for their flavor offerings and I love the art deco-ness of their cans, the pomegranate + hibiscus would be the go-to because as I’ve said before, hibiscus is the new matcha.

Punchy: Based in UK and they are featured here 1) for the cute factor and the can designs 2) because making punch feel grown up is not an easy feat!

**In the spirit of Dry January, actually curated A LOT MORE options here.**

Wheatgrass crawled so these wellness shots could run —your bank account to the ground. Just kidding! It’s a whole new world out there, one where turmeric ginger shots offer the bittersweet promise of Instagrammable health.

Proper Wild: Look we get it, the 5-hour look was dated so the energy shot needed the DTC treatment, it just went through a bland wand.

Monfefo: This is actually what I expected to see in terms of disrupting the wellness shot, great aesthetics and it actually feels like I’m taking something from an apothecary and not a 3PL.

Good Glow: Look if we’re going to blame anyone for this type of bougie ACV shot, it’s going to be GOOP. Let it be, it looks great and it’s ‘gram ready.

S*Shots: Threw this in here for the chaotic evilness of it all, forget about ginger shots and bring on the THC shots (responsibly) also a good breather and palette cleanser, literally.

It’s 2021 so that means we cannot shame our veggies for not “looking the part”, all veggie types are equally welcomed for our consumption and enjoyment.

Good Fish: Crispy salmon skin as chi[s sound very good as someone who genuinely enjoys it in general, looking forward to their spicy version.

Pulp Pantry: Probably one of the most successful companies that really pioneered this movement, excited that they’ve secured retail distribution from giants like Target.

Seconds: These are cute and if you can sell people on carrots you are doing something right. Love that look and can imagine these go in one sitting.

Xoca: A very tasty way to upcycle something that usually was discarded, cacao fruit, and turn it into a functional drink that is actually on trend with the rise of pre/pro biotic drinks.

Moonshot: Millennials and GenZ alike have a growing interest in where we source things from so regenerative agriculture is a plus for these crackers.

‘Let them eat adaptogenic cake!” —though I’m more of a bon bon person, there are so many healthier versions of our childhood favorites that come with the added promise of giving some sort of function that hopefully will include not feeling the guilt after our mouths end up like Bruce from Matilda.

Candid: Bruh, they literally disrupted Crunch bites in lieu of healthier ones made with a quinoa crunch.

Behave: Look the concept isn’t novel, “healthy gummy bears” but the GenZ aesthetics are there.

Hella: Will always root for anyone who is attempting to offer a healthier version of Nutella, they sold out of their initial batch, better luck this time!

Kindroot: These “adaptogems” (clever, I got to give it to them) are basically functional candies.

Smart Sweets: They are taking candy classics and making them healthier for you, I need them to do a deep dive into Mexican candy variations next!

Eat Chic: Disrupting Resee’s Pieces in a good way, the consensus is Eat Chic is actually very tasty.

We could all agree that after 2020 we can all benefit from sleeping in and letting our weighted blankets get the best of us before we have to slide out of bed into Slack, so let yourselves indulge in sleep.

Driftwell: Pepsi wanted to bring you back into it’s sweet bossom and decided the best way to do so was to disguise itself with bland aesthetics.

SOM: This drinks promises a better night sleep, so by all means get SOM more of a much needed rest.

Lagom: Because CBD and sleep apparently go hand in hand.

Lucent Botanicals: Imagine falling asleep with these mints in your mouth and waking up to good breath? Ground breaking.

Elements: Look if sleep can taste like cherry vanilla almond you know it’s about to be a good night.

Eat Gold: Very cute packaging but would also want to inform you this is the same company that sells a chocolate option that promises an orgasm.

Shroomshot: Highly respect the literal take here, for real, the shroom boom isn’t going anywhere so you might as well dip your toes in it.

Neurogum: There are so many different kinds of functional gum in the market at this point but here’s one that promises you fleeting moments of… focus.

Brite: Nootropics increase your alertness so this seems like it could work.

Magic Mind: Another nootropic company with decent branding and if you know me you know I’m very into bringing back Comic sans and poorly drawn aesthetics.

NIMBUS: Look they had me at the cloud aesthetics and the combo of ginseng and CBD.

basis: What does clean hydration mean you may ask? To which I respond, does it matter if the cran raspberry hits the spot? Used best as a recovery drink.

Droplet: Obsessed with Droplet’s can illustrations (formerly Dewdrop) as well as their flavor combinations and the vagueness of adding “functional” as added value.

superhue: If it’s not obvious to you yet, gradient aesthetics are in, I love that this is the first time I saw Blue Majik be incorporated into a canned drink, with the added “hemp extract” trend.

moment: They literally say this is like drinking your meditation, recently seen on Shark Tank, it’s peak millennial, you’re selling instant gratification to me and I love it.

sunōmi: Look to be honest I’m still trying to figure out what a switchel is but this water does have ACV, citrus and ginger combined—I’m sold.

Spoonful of News 🥄

Supporting Small + Local 🤗

A non-sponsored space that will highlight small businesses to support + give back to community in 2021.

Did you know Ben and Jerry’s removed “happy cows” from their packaging? If you felt this prompted an existential crisis thinking about how all your Ben & Jerry’s pints subsequently came from sad cows, let me tell you that there’s a fix for that.

Alec’s Ice Cream is family owned, by brothers Alec + Zach, they make their certified USDA organic ice cream in Sonoma County, CA. They pride themselves on NOT using co-packers and making each pint themselves.

They source their pasture-raised dairy from a family farm just 8 miles away from their facility and whip less air into our ice cream than other brands to create a better, creamier texture than regular brands!

We wish them the best of luck in 2021. Feel free to submit a stellar founder here.

See you again next week, a different future, same place.

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