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Wild Snax West

Hello from your favorite entertainer, sorry we missed each other last week, holy Snaxboi we’ve been busy! To make up for it I’ve got a few surprises for you and trust me, it will be like I never left —but first, let me tell you what I was up to in the first place. It pleases me to tell you that I’ve now become somewhat of a regular on Access Hollywood, where we went from newsletter to our own TV segment, where we bring our food predictions to the literal masses? This week we were with none other than AC SLATER, aka Mario Lopez, talking things like “Bottled Botox” and “sex chocolate” —yeah, that happened.

While in Los Angeles, we also hosted an EPIC event with our snaxpals and literal Friends with Benefits (FWB) and for those who aren’t familiar with them, here’s a recap of what type of emerging organization they represent—of course if you’ve read our past issue, you already know I’m cheering on for all things web3 and dining. We crafted a 90s themed night where we had friendship bracelet stations next to Connect Fours, and none other than Sandra Bullock ordering pizza on The Net, as well as enlisted chef Kat Turner, from Highly Likely Cafe to transform our favorite after school snacks like Bagel Bites and give them an adult twist, think caviar tater tots, YES.

Alongside our friends at Biite, we curated a one of a kind experience that brought together an incredible community that serves as a reminder that, the best snax are the ones we share along the way. I’m so incredibly grateful to have indoctrinated web3 folks into the likes of Ruby, Off Limits, Simulate, Noodie, Fallen Grape, Cometeer, Hoxie, Good Vodka, Snacklins, Taika, Three Spirits, Gigantic and more. FWB partook of our offered snax, and so we bid goodbye to Los Angeles, but expect our return soon.

As my gift to makeup while we were away, I’ve brought you a double feature of my favorite show, “Oracular Spectacular—What’s New, You Ask?” where I’ve curated 20 NEW and UPCOMING brands, for you to feast your engorged and tired eyes upon, but wait THERE’S MORE! Our awaited Holiday Guide is here with 99 curated brands where you will find decor degens, shelf stoppers and pantry droppers alike!

Now sit back, shut the fuck up, and hear this word from our sponsor:


Double Feature

Picadas: Aguas frescas get the spiked treatment, this fun brand from Mexico includes a handy packet that you can use to spice up your rim.

Goodles: Launched today, Gal Gadot’s leading this better-for-you mac-n-cheese company.

Average Grocer: Cool concept from Australia, average goods for community, by community, the branding is fire!

Homedough: Coming soon in 2022, a new kind of frozen cookie dough.

BetterDays: Cactus water is coming to Australia, launching soon in 2022.

Rosadito: Newly launched rosé brand based in Mexico.

Supermush: Newly launched mushroom supplements, by the founders of Multiverse mushroom marketplace.

Bobby: New prebiotic seltzer brand in Australia, coming soon in 2022.

Nylo: Newly launched hard seltzer brand in Zurich with Wes Anderson meets South Beach vibes.

Sunshiiine: Newly launched hard seltzer in UK that offers exclusive parties.

Maná4U: Love to see more Latin American brands take space at the frozen aisle, from tequeños to cachitos, newly launched.

Hardpops: Recently launched, adult hard frozen pops, with a cool branding that makes me wish it was still summer.

Casalú: Based in Miami and launching soon, rum based seltzer with beautiful branding.

Tibi: Recently launched kefir water based in Mexico.

Tsumo: Cannabis infused snacks are having a major moment!

Dirty Local: Like the name implies, newly launched, very local cold brew brand in Mexico.

Domingo: Upcoming beverage brand in Mexico with a classic touch.

SISUU: Beautiful tonic wellness shot based in Australia.

Ruuts: Recently launched adaptogenic tea, based in California.

Space Tea: Based in LA, recently launched and only available at Erewhon.

Snaxshot is ad-free as we are community funded, if you enjoy our content, contribute here. 🤗

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

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